Practical tips for scheduling a bachelor thesis

Never choose a topic that does not interest you – you will spend long hours unnecessarily, which is no fun!

Never choose a topic for which there is very little literature!

Do not choose a caregiver who does not have a good reputation – he will probably cause you constant problems!

Do not format your work at the last moment – it never works!

Do not let your work copy at the last moment – you need to have enough time to implement and install the feedback!

Do a professional plagiarism check – it does not cost much, but saves a lot of nerves!

You should have a time reserve in your schedule. The malice of the object (eg the computer breaks down), random events (eg illness of a close person) get you out of rhythm so that you do not submit the bachelor thesis on time. For this reason, the calculated time reserves are so important!

Common problems with writing

Even if it starts out well and you write one after the other, you can face different problems at a later time. If you do not choose a good structure for the bachelor thesis / master thesis, you have to revise it again however find how you can manage with write my essay . It may also be necessary to delete already written chapters.

Furthermore, you have to keep in mind that motivation often occurs when writing. A long scientific work with an extensive empirical part requires a high level of discipline. Many students are unable to cope with this pressure and have to take breaks. In addition, external factors such as e.g. health and family problems or separations.

Prevent problems with good time management

All of these obstacles can go beyond your initial schedule. Therefore, we recommend scheduling a buffer time in the schedule in which you can solve the problems. Also important is the setting of milestones for a week or a month, so you do not write the whole thesis, but with the “salami technique” approach to the matter.

Those who work 30 minutes a day will not get into motivation holes or under time pressure.
If you do not get help from the lecturer or have problems at work that you will not be able to handle yourself, contact us, our ghostwriters, editors and coaches will not let you down.